Photoworkx | Are you looking for portrait photography or a beautiful professional headshot in The Hague or Barcelona? Linkedin profile photo, Linkedin photo. At Photoworkx you are at the right address for, among others, Linkedin profile photos, professional business profile photo The Hague and business profile photo Barcelona, profile photographer The Hague, portrait photography The Hague, portrait photographer Barcelona.
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Professional LinkedIn photos and portrait photography in The Hague or Barcelona

Personal LinkedIn and profile photos that you can really be proud of.

Photoworkx, professional headshots for expats in The Hague

Portrait photos on location in The Hague and Barcelona.

LinkedIn photos on location in The Hague and Barcelona.

Personal portrait photos

Portrait photos by Photoworkx are made in a relaxed atmosphere, where everything is just right: your collar neatly straightened, a suitable background chosen and the right clothes picked out. This will enable us to create a personal portrait photo that you are proud of and very happy to show.


How a photo shoot can be fun

For many people, a portrait appointment is like a visit to the dentist. Of course that doesn’t have to be the case. It can also be easy and fun. Please read and follow the clothing tips beforehand. Then nothing can stop us from making a great portrait picture for you.


Clothing tips for your Linkedin profile Photo


Make the most beautiful professional headshots

It is important to ask yourself what you will use the portrait photos for. For a business card, for LinkedIn or for a magazine? This determines the viewing direction, the most appropriate background and the choice of clothing. Together, we decide where the best place is to take the photos.

By varying clothes you get a lot of different headshots in a simple way.  Multiple photos are always taken per shoot. You receive the best per package.

Photoworkx, portrait and LinkedIn photos for expats in The Hague

Pictures for C.V. or LinkedIn


With a professional profile picture on your C.V. or on LinkedIn can make a good impression on your next employer, as a company professional or an independent entrepreneur. A profile photo made by Photoworkx shows who you are, at your best.

The method

Between 20 and 40 pictures will be taken, in about 30 minutes. We make a preselection of the best ones on the camera. You will receive a contact sheet (PDF) with the pre-selection, by e-mail. You then let me know your final choice (photo numbers). The photos include the standard post-processing and are sent in 2 sizes. (They can be used directly for C.V. or LinkedIn)

It is always useful to bring extra clothing to the shoot so that we can make a variety of photos.  There are different backgrounds available, in white, black, blue or sand color.

Available days

e-mail response within 24 hours

Photoworkx, portrait and LinkedIn photos for expats in The Hague



A portrait session in The Hague (about 30 min) making you 3 beautiful professional headshots €79,- (incl.VAT)

An extensive portrait series in The Hague (about 60 min.) giving you 8 beautiful photos € 175,00 (incl. VAT)

A portrait session in Barcelona (about 30 minutes) with 3 beautiful portrait photos; mail or WhatsApp for more information and availability.
The portrait photos in Barcelona are always made in an attractive business location.

Payment can be made in cash, or by pin. (a VAT invoice is possible for companies) The prices include standard post-processing in Photoshop. The photos are free of rights, so free to use. Additional image editing, such as converting to black and white and extra retouching: price on request. You will receive the photos in 2 different formats: large format for printing and small format for internet and social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.).

Contact information

Photoworkx, professional headshots for expats in The Hague

By who

Choosing Rob Severijnen from Photoworkx is selecting quality and commitment. Feel free to contact us if you want personal portrait photos that you can be proud of.


For whom

Organizations, companies, expats, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Photoworkx, portrait photos in The Hague

Photoworkx, portrait photos for expats in The Hague


“It was particularly pleasant to work with Rob. He found the right atmosphere for the photos, matching the desired appearance.
Walking in search of a suitable location created a relaxed atmosphere that made it easier to pose.
And I’m very satisfied with the photos! “