Photoworkx | Learn how to make better pictures in The Hague? PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP IN THE HAGUE WITH A PHOTOGRAPHY TEACHER. Language of instruction, English
English spoken, especially for Expats in The Hague. Discover The Hague, PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP AND CITY WALK WITH A PHOTOGRAPHY TEACHER. The Hague Photo workshop, Photography workshop The Hague, BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED LEVELS
English spoken, especially for Expats in The Hague. Photoworkx, Photo workshop, Photowalk The Hague. English spoken, The Hague Photo workshop,
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Photography workshop during a city walk in The Hague

English and Dutch spoken 

Do you have a camera? Would you like to learn how to take better pictures ?


Get to know all the most important camera settings by doing a short workshop!

While you enjoy a city walk you can improve your photography skills.
General photographic concepts are discussed, and you’ll get personal direction and tips on how to improve your photography and take a great picture, rather than just a snapshot.

Photoworkx, Photography workshop during a city walk in The Hague


The photography workshop is a great opportunity for Expats in The Hague, you can meet people with similar interests and improve your skills. You will receive personal tips according to your level, making the workshop fun and useful for both beginners, and more experienced photographers.
Enjoy this original workshop and city walk, while you stay in The Hague. No prior knowledge is required to take part in the workshop.


The most important camera settings will be discussed in this workshop. You’ll learn how to manage your own digital camera, or your compact camera, and get tips on how to make the most beautiful photos.


  •  Operation of the camera; program modes, zoom position, focus point.
  • Composition; golden ratio, position of the subject, location of the horizon.
  • Advice: about looking at your subject in a new and creative way.
  • Exposure: – Using exposure correction.

Photography workshop during a city walk in The Hague


The workshop is given by Rob Severijnen, professional photographer and teacher from Photoworkx. He has been working in The Hague for 20 years and is now also giving workshops in Barcelona.
He has developed his own teaching method, through a logical and practical way of working. The photography instruction is based on practice, with some useful tips.

Photography workshop while enjoying a city walk in The Hague


11 October
21st of October
the 17th of October
November 8
November 21st
12 December

Location: city centre The Hague
Meeting point: Buitenhof 30, The Hague at the equestrian statue
Start: 11.00 am
Duration: 2  hours

Photography workshop during a city walk in The Hague

Photography workshop during a city walk in The Hague

Sign Up


    € 25  for 1 person
    € 45  for a couple
    € 65  for a group of 3 people
    € 85 for a group of 4 people


    Reservations: by e-mail, payment can be made in cash at the start of the workshop.
    Cancellation: at least 48 hours in advance.

    If there are too few registrations (min. 4 people) the walking date may be moved to another date.